A bit about me

Over the years I've assembled a diverse toolbox of skills. What began as a fascination with gaming as a child, led to a still-ongoing pursuit of knowledge in the realms of graphic design, programming, creative writing, and electronic hardware repair to name just a few. As such I've held positions in many fields and freelanced for many more.

Most recently I owned and operated a brick-and-mortar electronics retail store in Florida, specializing in consumer electronic hardware/software repairs and the reselling of used and refurbished electronics. After nearly 4 successful years in business, I closed up shop and relocated to pursue new passions.


What I've been up to lately

3D Designing & Printing

3D Digital Design has been a longtime hobby of mine, and more recently I've been able to expand it into a new hobby: 3D Printing! A most excellent skillset for someone with a passion for Dungeons & Dragons and all things "nerd". Miniatures? I paint 'em. Pokemon? Gotta catch 'em all. Can't catch 'em? Print them! Bwahaha

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